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Why Is My Male Rat Suddenly Aggressive?

Fancy pet rats undoubtedly make great pets. They love human companionship similar to dogs and keep themselves groomed all day long just like a house cat. These qualities as small pets, make fancy rats globally loved by pet owners. However, as adorable as these babies are, aggression runs parallelly in their veins. Especially male rats […]

How Many Times Do Budgies Breed In A Year?

Budgies are small colorful and friendly birds belonging to the parrot family. Also known as parakeets among bird breeders, Budgies make great pets! If you already own a budgie, I am sure you would love to breed them further. When the question comes to budgie breeding, you might ask how many times do budgies breed […]

Can My Pet Rat Have Baby Food? [Avoid These Foods]

Proper nutrition is the basis of all healthy lives. The statement goes true even for your pet rat. Providing your pet rat with healthy, nutritious food is important for them to build a strong immune system to fight diseases in the future.  But in that context, if the question is whether your pet rat can […]

[Causes & Solution] Why Does My Pet Rat Keep Sneezing?

Fancy rats are adorable, intelligent, and super-friendly pets. They love to stay clean and groomed, love human companionship, and are smart entertainers. However, sneezing among pet rats is something that stops many pet lovers from adopting them. Before jumping to any conclusion, let us clear the cloud of confusion for you. So, why does your […]