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How To Know If Your Turtle Loves You or Not?

When it comes to pets, cuddles and good morning kisses are often associated with the furry friends we keep in our homes. However, reptiles like turtles display these same qualities and should be just as loved and cared for. How to know if your turtle loves you? If you’re seeing signs of affection from your […]

How Often Should You Clean Your Rat’s Cage? (+Steps & Tips)

Welcoming home to a pet is not an easy task. Cleanliness is the basic lifestyle habit that we must develop for ourselves and our pets as well. Keeping in mind our busy work life, we can create a weekly routine to clean the rat cage. So, how often should you clean your pet rat’s cage? You […]

Why Does Your Bunny Dig On You? [& How to Stop Them]

People love rabbits. Having a small, white fluffy animal hopping around your home is the cutest thing to ever experience. Also, rabbits are considered to be one of the easiest pets to have especially when you are a new pet parent. So, if a bunny has been a recent addition to your family, you will […]

Why Does My Rabbit Bite/Nibble/Scratch My Clothes?

Rabbits are cute fluffy animals who can melt your heart at one single look. If you have ever touched or cuddled a rabbit, you will know how cute and snuggly they make you feel. These little pet friends are peace seekers and want your undivided attention every time.  Why does my rabbit bite/nibble/scratch my clothes? […]