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What Is A Pee Rock And Do Rats Like To Pee On Pee Rocks?

Pet rat training is always a seemingly difficult task for most rat owners. Developing moral habits through rat training to live indoors becomes crucial to avoid unnecessary mess. Most important above all is the litter training for rats. This is exactly where a pee rock comes to its service! In this article, we will get […]

Why Has Your Dog Suddenly Started Sleeping With You Instead Of Your Parents?

Dogs love to sleep where they are most comfortable. Their sleep pattern also depends on their mental and physical health condition. So, if you are wondering why your dog has suddenly started sleeping in your room, you have come to the right place. Why has my dog suddenly started sleeping with me instead of my […]

How To Know If Your Turtle Loves You or Not?

When it comes to pets, cuddles and good morning kisses are often associated with the furry friends we keep in our homes. However, reptiles like turtles display these same qualities and should be just as loved and cared for. How to know if your turtle loves you? If you’re seeing signs of affection from your […]

How Often Should You Clean Your Rat’s Cage? (+Steps & Tips)

Welcoming home to a pet is not an easy task. Cleanliness is the basic lifestyle habit that we must develop for ourselves and our pets as well. Keeping in mind our busy work life, we can create a weekly routine to clean the rat cage. So, how often should you clean your pet rat’s cage? You […]