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Why Does My Rabbit Bite/Nibble/Scratch My Clothes?

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Rabbits are cute fluffy animals who can melt your heart at one single look. If you have ever touched or cuddled a rabbit, you will know how cute and snuggly they make you feel. These little pet friends are peace seekers and want your undivided attention every time. 

Why does my rabbit bite/nibble/scratch my clothes? If you find your pet rabbit nibbling your clothes and scratching your skin, it possibly means they are trying to seek love and attention from you. But it may also be a sign of their anger, frustration, or hyperstress. Many times, these activities simply reflect their natural habit of scratching or digging. Besides, sometimes rabbits bite/nibble/scratch your clothes, feet, or fingers just to fill their nails and teeth.

Any animal we choose to bring home is usually wild by its natural instinct and evolution over the years. The natural behavioral patterns of our pets often reveal how they are biologically designed for wildlife.

Adopting rabbits into our home is challenging for both the owner and the animal. It is a new space for them to live in. Initially accepting the changes and new habitat often takes time. Thousands of years of evolutionary survival instincts are constant and those habits of your pet will not vanish in your primary training.

Biting, nibbling, scratching on your skin, feet, clothes, and other items, which you may feel is odd behavior can mean different things in different situations. In the article below we will decode the meaning of such actions and later will discuss a few ways to prevent rabbits from doing the same.

Why Your Rabbit Nibble, Scratch, And Bite Your Clothes?

Let’s find out in this section!

Natural Survival Instincts

Digging comes naturally to rabbits. The first and major reason your rabbit scratches items, clothes, and your skin are because they simply love to do that.

Sharpening Nails or Teeth

Nail or teeth filing is another natural trait developed by every other animal. Cats and Dogs do the same in their younger years. Rabbits could be doing the same to you to show some love as well.


Rabbits love to play, scratching your clothes and skin can be a fun game to them. 

Exhibiting Their Dominance Over You

This trait comes mostly from male rabbits. They try to project dominance over you and your space by scratching, peeing, and marking their ‘territory’. If you have other pets or two male rabbits together, these are the common habits you may observe.

They Need A Digging Space

It is time for you to be an understanding parent and bring your little fur baby a digging toy or space to help them scratch and dig as much as they want to.

Needs Your Love And Attention

Rabbits are cute and snuggly animals by nature. They are peace-loving and love to be in calm, cozy, and loving spaces. You need to show them exactly the love and affection they’re looking for. Rabbits will love your touch and cuddle and often try to communicate through scratching if they miss the same from you. 

Respiratory Irritation

Rabbits have strong and sensitive noses. They can smell you and the living space. However, scratching or nibbling your skin, feet or fingers can be a sign of saying that they do not like your smell at all. You must avoid wearing perfumes, essential oils, or any other strong smell around them.

Expressing Anger Or Frustration

Your cute little bunny friend may be angry or aggressive due to some precise reason. Aggression or frustration also develops from mood swings. The scratching habit is often a way to display tantrums, irritation, anger, or any negative emotions.

Seeking Sexual Attention

Rabbits are not usually aggressive by nature. However, sexual needs are biological and natural to all animals existing. If your rabbit needs a partner to mate with, they will let you know by nibbling into your clothes and items. Being a pet parent, it is our responsibility to understand our little furry friends and their natural requirements.

Escape Mechanism

I know how good it feels to snuggle and cuddle your pet. Especially when they are too cute, soft, and adorable! But, your cuddling habits can irritate your little friend too! I know it is sad to hear, but we have to respect their privacy sometimes. If your pet rabbit is scratching you too much, it may be you who is over-cuddling them and they are projecting their pro-skill of escaping from you.

Many of these habits may sound fun, cute, and adorable but not to everyone in your family. In the following, I’m gonna tell you a few tips and tricks to help you stop your rabbit from biting everyone and everything.

How Can You Stop Your Rabbit From Scratching And Nibbling Habits?

There are many ways to stop your rabbit from nibbling, let me show you some most effective and easy ways of doing it.

Bring More Toys

Rabbits are innocent playful animals like small kids. You can try giving more soft toys or playful items to your little friend to chew and bite on

Neuter your Rabbit

Male rabbits often become aggressive during the mating seasons. They favor scratching and biting to reveal their aggression.  You can try neutering your rabbit. The process is painful for your friend but it can help them keep calm and stay playful all time. If you don’t want to neuter your rabbit then you can always opt for rabbit mating through the help of a professional breeder.

Replace Normal Rug With Grass Rugs

Grass rugs for your pet animal are a good option to choose. The beautiful hand-woven rugs will also add up to the aesthetics of your home and be pet-friendly at the same time.

Make Proper Soft Bedding For Your Pet

Bedding plays an important role for your little pets. For rabbits try bedding made of soft old clothes or stack the cage with a thick cover of hay. This way your soft furry friend will feel more at home and can practice scratching and biting away from your clothes and things.

Avoid Bothering Their Tender Noses

While cuddling or playing with your pet rabbit avoid putting on a strong smell. Many pet owners try using essential oils as a natural way to eliminate the foul odor of rabbit droppings. This can trigger sensitivity in your pet and cause them serious irritation and more harm. Due to this irritation, they can scratch or nibble your clothes and fingers.

Check Your Behavior Around Pet Rabbits

As I already mentioned earlier, rabbits are peace-loving animals. They understand the aggressive and heated behavior of their human parents. Scratching and biting your clothes, skin, feet or fingers can be an indication that you are probably doing something wrong to interrupt their peace. Never let your personal frustration or anger affect your rabbit. Otherwise, it will not only lead them to scratch and nibble your clothes and fingers but it may also affect your pets’ mental health for the long term

Petting a rabbit has been a great experience. I love how cuddly, soft, and furry babies they are. Cute, curious, and smart little rabbits can be a great source of entertainment on your gloomy days.

Parenting a rabbit is very exciting and full of fun. However, their biting and scratching habits are annoying sometimes. Reasons behind this type of behavior may vary from one pet to another but you can change them with proper training and treatment and by being a responsible pet parent.

Keep away items and other pets that may threaten, frustrate or irritate them and your rabbits will show you love at once.

I hope this article will help you care for your rabbit friend more. Also, adopting these tips will prevent rabbits from over biting or scratching you further.