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Why Does Your Bunny Dig On You? [& How to Stop Them]

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People love rabbits. Having a small, white fluffy animal hopping around your home is the cutest thing to ever experience. Also, rabbits are considered to be one of the easiest pets to have especially when you are a new pet parent.

So, if a bunny has been a recent addition to your family, you will be experiencing a lot of new and exciting things. 

Rabbits have different kinds of habits. One of their habits is to dig. They love digging on their owners. These cute fluff-balls would dig on your lap, chest sometimes on your clothes or feet too. 

You definitely might be wondering why my bunny is digging? It is natural for a wild rabbit to dig for making a hole or a burrow on the ground. But when a domestic bunny digs continuously, it can mean many different things.

So, why does your bunny dig on you? Your bunny will dig on you when you will not give him enough attention or love. He can also dig out of anxiety or if he is in a new environment. Whenever he is in a playful mood, he will indulge in digging tooDigging is a way for the bunnies to convey their thoughts. if he digs on your chest, he is craving your attention. Again when he digs on your lap, he is looking for a companion to play with. Digging is also an instinct of rabbits. 

Although you would find it really find adorable when your bunny digs on you, it can start to make you feel a bit uncomfortable after few days. Their digging can cause rashes on your skin or they can also tear up your clothes by digging. 

10+ Reasons Why Is Your Bunny Digging On You

Rabbit’s digging behavior has different meanings. They dig on various different things to communicate a particular feeling. The location of their digging plays an important role in determining what they are going through. So let’s have a look at what does it mean when your bunny digs on your lap, chest, feet, or clothes.

#1 Your Rabbit Is Not Yet Accustomed To The New Environment

As I have already mentioned that digging is a natural habit of the rabbits, they continue to do it even after being domestic. They dig to create a safe shelter for their own. So initially when they come to a new place they find it unfamiliar. They take some time to warm up to this new place. Hence, instinctively, they start digging on clothes or feet to find a safe space for themselves. 

#2 Rabbit Digs Your Chest When It Feels Uncomfortable

Sometimes we end up cuddling our bunnies too much. Imagine if someone would pull your cheeks always. How would you feel? Irritated, disgusted, disturbed right? Similarly, the bunny feels irritated too when you hold them in your hand for really long. They start feeling uncomfortable and they want you to put them down. So they start digging on your chest giving a signal to you. You have to understand that it’s time to let him down and leave him on his own for a while.

#3 Your Rabbit Is Feeling Sad

It is a common behavior for rabbits to dig on clothes and your feet especially when they feel sad. You may have been out for work the whole day and your bunny had to spend the whole day all alone. It definitely makes him sad. It digs on your cloth to feel your presence. Also, as soon as he realizes that you are present at home now, he will dig your feet. He wants you to know that he is feeling sad and it’s time for you to give him some company.

#4 Bored Bunny

Well, not only do human beings get bored but your bunnies get bored too. Especially, lone bunnies suffer the most. Many families adopt a single bunny in the beginning. So when your bunny has no other companion, it feels lonely and it gets easily boring. He will dig on you out of boredom as he craves love and attention. If your bunny is digging on your lap, you have to understand that he needs your affection.

#5 When You Stop Petting Your Bunny

All pet loves to pet by their parents. When you pet your bunny, rub your hand on his back, tickle his ears and stomach, he feels loved and wanted. But sometimes it happens, you suddenly stop rubbing his back or do not pet him at all. To grab your notice your bunny will ding on your lap. He will remind you that you have stopped petting him and he wants you to continue with that.

#6 Your Bunny Will Dig On You If You Smell Differently

Rabbits have a pretty strong smell sense. It helps them to recognize threats in the wild. So if they smell anything differently, they will be anxious about their surroundings. They might feel that there is a danger lurking behind them. As a bunny owner, you might not always smell fresh. You could be busy gardening and you are all sweaty and smelly. At this moment your bunny is very likely to dig on you. Also, if your clothes start smelling differently due to new perfume or shower gel, they will notice that too and will dig on you surely.

#7 It’s Playtime For Your Bunny

Bunnies love hopping around the house. They will go underneath the sofa or the table. They will surely keep you on your toes. When your bunny is with you for quite a long it becomes cozy and comfortable. He is aware that this is his home and he is totally secured here. So whenever he is in a playful mood he will dig on your feet or start digging on your clothes. Your feet or the clothes become an object for his play.

#8 Bunny Wants A Pedicure

Well, this sounds surprising, right? But it’s true. Many times bunnies dig to file their nails. If you do not regularly groom your bunny, his nails will grow really long. Long nails of the bunnies can be quite harmful. So if he finds his nails are not trimmed on time, he will dig. 

#9 Your Bunny Is Getting Anxious

Bunnies are very sensitive. Their ears will be straight up even if they hear the slightest sound. Especially during festivals or bursting crackers, they get very afraid. Also, if there is another animal near them like a dog or a cat, they get nervous. They also become very shy if you have guests at your house. All these things make him anxious and out of stress, it starts digging your chest or lap. He wants to be with you only and by digging he gives out that signal to you. 

#10 Your Bunny Will Dig On You In Front Of A Female Rabbit

If you own two rabbits one male and another female, your male bunny will surely dig on your lap. This is his way of grabbing the attention of the female rabbit and impress them. He will continue to do so till the time he gets neutered. So if it digs on you, you need to know that it’s for the doe and not for you.

#11 Bunny Needs A New Rug/Bed

Since bunnies love to dig, they will wear out the rug that you bought for them quickly. When he finds that there is no more space for him to dig in his rug, he will target your clothes and start digging on them. So you must get your hands on a bunch of rugs to be prepared beforehand.

#12 Your Bunny Can Be Unwell

Bunnies can’t bark like dogs to let you know about their feelings. It is only through digging or scratching that he can communicate his pain if he is going through any. Sometimes rabbits have some infections in their ears or teeth. It will dig on your chest if he is not in his best health. 

How To Stop Bunnies From Digging On Your Lap, Chest, Clothes, or Feet? 

Having a bunny for more than 3 years, now I know how to stop bunnies from digging on my lap, chest, clothes, or feet. 

Here some of the tricks which I applied and it totally worked.

Distract Him

Bunnies will continue to dig on you if you can’t give them the right thing. Your bunny will stay busy digging on other things and not bother you at all. So buy him soft toys, give them something to chew on like a log. When your bunny will different objects lying around him, he will be busy exploring them. This is an easy way to stop your bunny from digging on you.

Create A Natural Space

Grass mats are widely available nowadays. Since bunnies are generally wild, they will love to have some sort of green or wilderness arid them. So get a grass mat for him. He will dig on it instead of your clothes. He will get a familiar experience and he will enjoy this a lot. 

Give Him Love And Attention

Bunnies take time to build a bond with the owners. So it is your responsibility to hold them and caress them whenever they dig your feet or clothes. This will give them a sense of security. He will know that his owner genuinely cares for him. 

Be His Playmate

Just toys will not satisfy him. He needs to play with you too. Playing with him often will build a stronger connection between you two. Also, it will keep them emotionally rejuvenated which is recommended by all veterinary doctors. It is more important for single bunnies. You have to become the substitute for their companion and be their playmate. They will definitely stop digging on you if you are available for him to play with him. 

Take Them Out In The Garden

They love digging soils. This is how they make their burrows in the wild. So taking it out in the garden and letting him dig soil will actually prevent him from digging on you. You can do this on a weekly basis. This way he will still be able to keep his natural habits but in a more controlled way. 

Rabbits will dig on you unless you provide them with the right solution. It’s not that hard believe me. Initially, I too struggled with my bunny and his digging habits. But gradually, I learned how to stop him from digging. Keeping him engaged, giving him toys or mats really helped me and my clothes.

Give them their due attention, play with them whenever you are free. They are sure to brighten up your day in a jiffy. 

I assure you if you follow these tips your bunny will stop digging on you. Let me know what trick you applied in the comment section below.

Love from me and Snowball (my bunny).