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Why Has Your Dog Suddenly Started Sleeping With You Instead Of Your Parents?

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Dogs love to sleep where they are most comfortable. Their sleep pattern also depends on their mental and physical health condition. So, if you are wondering why your dog has suddenly started sleeping in your room, you have come to the right place.

Why has my dog suddenly started sleeping with me instead of my parents? Maybe your dog is feeling uncomfortable sleeping in your parent’s room because of the light or the ac temperature. Or your furry pet has sensed some strangeness either in you or her so she is sleeping with you for security.

There can be a variety of reasons, why your dog has suddenly started sleeping with you instead of your parents. In this article, I will walk you through 7 such probable causes. Once you have identified the root cause, it becomes easy to stop your four-legged friend from doing so.

7 Reasons Why Your Dog Has Suddenly Started Sleeping With You Instead Of Your Parents

Are you sure, you haven’t encouraged your dog to sleep with you while being completely unaware of it? And maybe you are now blaming your dog. Jokes apart 😉

Let’s deep dive into the reasons.

1. Your Encouraging Attitude

I might have cracked a joke now, but your encouraging attitudes towards your dog may have inspired your dog to sleep with you instead of your parents. Parents don’t encourage playing tug of war once it is time to retire to bed, which surely you do and your loving pet is enjoying it.

But getting that extra love, care, and joy when your pet dog is with you, in your room. This can be the reason they started sleeping in your room. 

Your dog is enjoying the special attention, that you are giving unconsciously, even though the clock shows it is time to sleep. Who doesn’t love attention after all? 

So, your dog hasn’t started sleeping in your room, you have invited him or her by rewarding your “paw-fect” partner with an extra dose of cuddling and petting.

If you are not comfortable with the fact that your dog is sleeping in your room, stop giving that extra bit of attention and tutor him to share the room with your parents.

2. Maybe Something Is Making Your Dog Anxious

Dogs are rational animals with complicated emotions.

My dog though very close to me always sleeps with my parents at night. But since I returned from my month-long work trip I started noticing, that Dodo (my Golden Retriever) will not leave my room at any cost during the night.  Later I realized, that she thinks I may leave her once again soon, so out of her anxiousness, she sleeps in my room to obstruct me from going someplace.

Sometimes I have noticed her sitting outside of my room in the daytime.

This is called separation anxiety. In this case, your dog can go to lengths to stop you

So, if your dog has also started behaving the way my Dodo was behaving a month back, then look out for the reasons that are making your pet friend anxious. 

To understand your dog is anxious check out if she/he is pacing or crying at night. They can also whin, bark, and nibble. A dog with separation anxiety usually tends to find escape in search of its owners.

Alert: Don’t ignore their mental state. Their mental state is as important as ours. So, if your dog is exhibiting separation anxiety, treat it with utmost importance. Remember, being ignored for a long time the case may get worsen.

3. Maybe The Change In The Room OR In the Household

Good sleep is not only for you but also for your four-legged friends.

Your parents’ room, where your dog sleeps in might have an issue, that has made your dog shift to your room. The light in the room may be too bright or too low for your dog to sleep there comfortably. 

Dogs love to sleep in a warmer place. You may have seen dogs sleeping in packs because it keeps them warmer. So if your dog has shifted from your parents’ room to yours, maybe it is because of the heater you have in your room. 

Dogs with thick fur prefer places that cool down their body temperature. My long-haired retriever prefers sleeping with mild A.C on. Days when my parents don’t switch it on, my dog smartly shifts to my room without being hesitant.

Your dog has shifted to your room in hope of good sleep and luckily as he/she has found that, and your dog cannot think of going back to your parents’ room where it struggled in and out to have sound sleep.

Just like the way your body will react if it does not get enough sleep, the same way it will take a toll on your pet’s health if they are not getting enough sleep. It is your responsibility to ensure good sleep for your dog.

Or a recent change in your house can one of the probable causes your pet dog has started living with you.

Changes include:

  • The room is used to sleep in got a makeover, and he or she is not happy with the fact.
  • Did you get a new pet?
  • A new member in the house?

The dog is extremely possessive about its owners and cannot tolerate if your attention gets divided.  So to ensure that it doesn’t happen, your dog will try to sleep with you or be always near to you so he or she can grab your maximum attention.

4. Maybe It Is Yours Or Your Dog Ailing Condition

Dog’s love for their owners needs no highlight. So it is very normal if your dog desire to sleep with you sensing you are low on energy. Dogs are the flag bearer of unconditional love and they cannot leave their owner or best friend alone to suffer.

It can also be possible that your dog is preferring to sleep with you lately because he is not feeling well.

Just like you crave for snuggles of your dear ones when your health is not cooperating, similarly, your pet dog also loves to stay close to their cuddler when they are not feeling well. Being close to you for a night-long gives them the sense of protection that no one on the earth can provide for them.

5. Perfect Room For Nestling

If you are a dog owner, you must have seen your dog burrowing into the blankets every night before he/she went to sleep.

Dogs prefer nesting especially before giving birth or when they are experiencing a false pregnancy. At the same time have a close look at your dog’s health sometimes they also do nesting out of illness.

Some dogs are habitual nest makers because nests are comfortable. So if your dog has suddenly started digging into your bed every night maybe he or she has found it more comfortable than the bed your dog used to sleep in. 

Being said that, nesting out of stress or pain can be a serious concern that needs to be informed to the vet.

6. To Be Your Saviour

Your dog irrespective of its size is your most loyal advocate. To protect you at every point of life is your dog’s topmost priority. So how they can protect you at night if they are sleeping in your parents’ room?

Sleeping with you guarantees he or she can shield you as soon as they see something startling.

Even if you move a little in the night your dog will wake up. They are called the most loyal protector for a reason.

7. Being Fearful

Your dog has started sleeping with you instead of your parents may be out of fear. No! I am not hinting towards paranormal stuff, But there is something in the room that your dog cannot understand.

The fear can be of various types. he/she can start sleeping with you because of the fear that you can be in trouble. Or your dog can itself fearful of some activities that it experiences while sleeping in your parent’s room. 

Dogs are very sensitive to noise. According to research dogs can hear 4 times clear than humans. [Source: Headstuff]

So if it is getting noisy outside or even if one is snoring extremely they will shift to the room from where the noise is unlikely to be heard.

It can be possible that your parents are snoring way too louder, that it is affecting your dog’s sleep and thus he/she feels like shifting to your room will be a good decision.

Wooh!!! That’s a whole lot of information. Isn’t it?

So Now What To Do?

Now, I feel you must have an equal amount of knowledge on how to handle if you have spotted any of the mentioned traits in your friend with four legs.

1. Let It Be

Your dog is sleeping with you and if it is not causing any trouble why force your loyal friend to sleep with your parent where they are not comfortable.

As I have told you earlier that just like you four furry friends need good sleep too. So let it sleep where it feels comfortable.

In case, if you are not comfortable then you can stop encouraging. Be mindful of your own behavior that has subconsciously encouraged your dog with you.

2. Make Rules

Be that parent who can be strict when the situation needs. Believe me, our pet friends and especially the dogs love carrying out our orders. So if you don’t want your dog to be in your room, give them instructions for not doing so. Make them understand that your room cannot be his territory at night and they must sleep in the room that is dedicated to them.

3. Comfort Them

Your dog might be sleeping with you out of its own anxiousness. Be sure you give her comfort. Be careful about their health and if you cannot find out what is making your pet dog anxious take them to a vet as soon as possible.

4. Give A Comfortable Place To Sleep

If your dog has shifted to your room due to uneasiness in the room they were sleeping, then it is your duty to give them a room that your dog can sleep peacefully. Keep a check on the temperature of the room. Make sure the room is less noisy. Don’t forget to give him or her a comfortable bed and a blanket

You have brought your furry friend home and now it is your responsibility your dog gets everything reasonable they wish for. I know sometimes it becomes challenging but with little love and care your will be showered with pure affection you have ever thought of.